“Poli-Ticks” As Told By Bart Berger, Candidate for Mayor

Plantation Mayoral candidate Bart Berger’s Unique Definition of “Politics”

I’m Bart Berger candidate for Mayor of Plantation. 

I’m a businessman not a career politician. 

I’m told that politics is the combination of two words:

“poly” meaning many,  and “ticks” meaning blood-sucking insects.

Why do I want to be mayor?  

The answer is outrage. 

Outrage over a city council that spent $475,000 of our tax dollars on a lawsuit to close down a resident’s Christmas display.

Outrage over a council that paid $100,000 to lawyers and consultants to try to stop a private hospital’s move from Plantation to Davie.

Outrage because after Hurricane Irma, debris was picked up on some council members’ streets before it was picked up on our streets.

Does this sound like a common sense council or an entitled few who are out of touch with their responsibilities to our city?

To have smart, fair and common sense business in the City of Plantation, on November 6 vote for me, Bart Berger, for Plantation Mayor.