I’m Not “Running"

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I Am the Only Candidate Standing for Election

Over the past several months while campaigning for Mayor of the City of Plantation, I’ve noticed something interesting. Let’s see if you agree.

In the United States, and especially here in Plantation, when candidates are seeking an elected office they have a habit of saying they’re “running for election.” 

But in Great Britain, candidates say they are “standing for election.”

There’s a subtle difference. 

Here, it seems that candidates fear that by standing in one place for too long they’ll have to answer for what they did, 

or didn’t do, 

or will do, 

or won’t do.  

Well, I am going to borrow a page from the British.

I will stand in one place to answer your questions, and to accept your criticism or your praise. I will be accountable.  

But there is one thing I will not stand for and that is the misspending of $475,000 in attorneys fees on a frivolous lawsuit.

In Plantation, I’m the only candidate standing for election as mayor of Plantation.

On November 6, vote for Bart Berger for mayor of the City of Plantation.