Elect Bart Berger to Mayor of Plantation



Bart will control spending to upgrade our aging infrastructure.


Bart supports quality recreation programs for children and adults.


Bart supports having more resource officers in Plantation schools to keep our children safe.

Bart Berger Opposes Penny Sales Tax

Not That We Don't Need to Solve Transportation Problems, But...

Broward County has failed to draft a comprehensive plan that specifically defines how the $16 billion that is projected to be raised will be spent. A vague county proposal posted on the government's website calls for a "smart" grid that reduces congestion, road improvements, more buses, and more walking and bike paths.

In Plantation, the county outlines various road and intersection improvements, but it fails to address the tremendous traffic bottle necks at I-595 and Pine Island Road and University Drive, nor the Broward Boulevard congestion at University Drive and Pine Island Road. With more developments coming on line on Pine Island and Peters Road, you can be assured that wait times at intersections will only get worse.

A proposed light rail system for the county would take one lane of traffic away from Broward Boulevard in Plantation in order to create an east-west corridor. Seriously? If you have driven Broward Boulevard during rush hour, I think you will agree that removing a lane will add to the congestion, not decrease it.

A Sales Tax Is Regressive

In Plantation and elsewhere in Broward County, many people live pay check to pay check, struggling to cover electric bills, health care and food expenses. While to some an extra penny may not seem like a lot of money, over many years, it adds up and takes away from paying for basic necessities.

A Better Way

Broward County's Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is developing a transportation plan that will address many and provide comprehensive solutions to traffic congestion in Broward County. The MPO is a collaborative agency represented by Broward municipal governments and plans projects that affect multiple towns and cities. The MPO has a solid track record of successful plans. We should wait for the MPO's plan to be finalized before approving a vague penny sales tax transportation plan.

Definition: Poli-Ticks

I’m a businessman not a career politician. 

There are many reasons why

I am running for mayor,

but the primary reason is outrage.

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I'm Not Running For Mayor

I will stand in one place to answer your questions, and to accept your

criticism or your praise. 

I will be accountable.  

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Talk About Chutzpah!

You may recall the recent anti-Christmas display lawsuit that was an embarrassment to the City of Plantation. If not, allow me to tell you the real story. 

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Bart Will…

NEVER allow the city to enter into frivolous lawsuits, such as the Plantation Acres Christmas display, which led to a city attorney bill of $475,000.

NEVER allow long-term service contracts, such as for attorneys, engineers and garbage, without periodically putting the contracts out for proposals.

Bart Will…

ALWAYS fight tirelessly for a strong public safety presence backed by continual training to keep our schools and neighborhoods safe.

ALWAYS be your financial watchdog over the taxes and fees paid for City of Plantation services.

ALWAYS seek innovative solutions to traffic congestion and over-development.

Bart Believes…

“I believe that the best local government is one that spends tax dollars judiciously and efficiently, and doesn’t incur an exorbitant legal bill that was equal to the average value – $475,000 – of a single-family home in Plantation to stop Plantation citizens

from erecting holiday displays.”

About Bart

  • Plantation resident since 2007.
  • Married to a health care attorney; two children.
  • Served as vice president and manager of business development for a restaurant chain and software companies.
  • Served as senior vice president and sales leader for financial investment firms for more than 20 years – held Series 7, 65 and 66 licenses.
  • Governing Board of Imagine Charter School at Plantation.
  • Started The Gladiator Foundation to help kids for health, education and hunger.
  • University of Denver graduate, BA in hotel and restaurant management.

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